Public Relations

Public relations is an indispensable part of any travel product’s business model. PR provides a highly cost-effective way to validate your company and generate a buzz about your product, influencing travel-planning decisions and bringing business to your doorstep. Azure PR are pros at creating targeted media relations campaigns for the travel, ski, and food & beverage industry that are credible and comprehensive, generating editorial coverage in print, broadcast, and digital media, and creating word-of-mouth promotion to get our client’s message heard.

Azure PR has long-established relationships with many of the world’s media influencers. As a travel-focused PR agency with a focus on Latin America, Azure PR is trusted by many of the world’s editors, writers, and filmmakers to produce engaging story ideas and relevant news and information about the region. We principally work within the North American media marketplace, but also handle public relations for media from the UK, Australia, France, Spain, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Panama.

Film Production

Azure PR has extensive film production experience including creative content development, location scouting and logistical planning. Azure PR has produced shows such as Travel Channel’s “What it Costs;” Richard Bangs’ PBS Special “South America: Quest for Wonder;” CNBC “A Model Business: The SI Swimsuit Issue;” History Channel’s “Apocalypse Robinson Crusoe Island;” PBS’ “Travelscope “From Seaside to Mountaintop” & “The Driest Place on Earth;” OLN’s “Word Travels: Chile: Sea, Snow, Sand;” BBC America “Fast Track Santiago;” Gourmet’s “Diary of a Foodie;” MOJO’s “Pressure Cook;” Travel Channel’s “Confessions of a Travel Writer;” NBC Universal Telemundo “Chile’s Atacama & Santiago;” Travelscope OLN’s Departures “Ups & Downs,” “Ends of the Earth,” and “Antarctica;” Discovery Channel “Lua de Miel” (Brazil); VOX Tours (Germany); 3 op Reis (Holland); National Geographic’s “Treks in the Wild World” (UK), TVA’s “Vol920” (Quebec); “3 op Reis” (Holland); 60 Minutes’ “Peering Into The Universe’s Past;” and Food Network’s “Sabores Latinos con Grace Ramirez.”

PR Services

Key Message & Content Development
Press Kits and Press Releases
Image Bank Management and Video Production
News Bureau
Story and Pitch Development
Proactive Media Outreach
Strategic Partnerships
Press & FAM Trip Planning
Social Media
Influencer Relations
Tradeshow Receptions
Media Deskside Meetings
Speaking Engagements
Event Planning
Crisis Communications

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